October 31, 1932 - Katherine Paterson was born in Qing Jiang, China to George and Mary Womeldorf


1937 - Family is forced to leave China during the Japanese Invasion and moved to Richmond, Virginia for a short while before returning to Shanghai, China. Moved another 13 times between 1937-1950 because of George's missionary work and the war in China


1954 - Graduated from King College in Bristol, Tennessee with a degree in English


Spent a year teaching at an Elementary in Virginia until she went to graduate school.


Went to Japan to work as a missionary and education assistant. Studied both Chinese and Japanese culture which influenced her way of writing


Four years later, traveled back to new York to pursue her second master's degree in religious education. She met Presbyterian minister Reverend John Paterson whom she married on July 14, 1962. Had four children, the two daughters were adopted


Paterson starts her proffesional career in the Presbyterian Church by teaching 5th and 6th grade parochial students.


1966 -  She wrote the non-fiction Who am I? She continued to write but was unable to get any of her novels published. She took an adult course in creative writing during which her first novel, The Sign of the Chrysanthemum, was published. (1973)


1977 - Her most recognized novel, Bridge to Terabithia, was published. It won the Newberry Medal



1979 - The Great Gilly Hopkins won the National Book Award



1981 -  Jacob Have I Loved won the Newberry Medal



1996 - Jip, His Story won the Scott O'Dell award



2008 - SHe is the Vice-President of the National Children's Book and Literacy Aliance